Zune software not updating andrew baterina and jackie lautchang dating

I have rebooted this PC more times in the last week (since getting the Zune) than in all the time I’ve used this PC prior to that.

The sync of my videos took a couple of hours as the Zune software insists on converting it to a format optimized for the Zune player, even though the videos were already QVGA and optimized for playback on small screens.

I decided I needed to reinstall the Zune software so I removed it and reinstalled, only to have the same problems completing the install that I originally experienced.

I then uninstalled the Zune software (again) and this time I rebooted the PC before installing again.

He's got a little cheap no-name brand MP3 player and he's filled it up and basically outgrown it.

I could get him an i Pod Touch or something but he digs retro things (GBC, GBA, etc) so my buddy gave me a Zune in the box.

When I launch the software a couple hours later, the play count goes back to 10,268 and the process repeats. Also, the "personalize your zune experience" checkbox under privacy settings in my account is checked.

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When this happens I have to reboot my computer, after which it will log in just fine.

I am trying to get into the ZM right now and it’s hanging at the sign in dialog.

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