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However, adding a new female rat instantly revived the male, who would proceed to immediately mate with the new female.

Subsequent experiments found that the Coolidge effect was present in females as well; introducing a new male into the mix would cause the female to have renewed interest in sex.

not to mention helping you both find new depths to yourselves.

So whether you train together to beat a zombie race, enter a swing dance competition or join a bowling league, working together to overcome adversity (even if it’s not Now before you start wondering just what’s allowed when you’re on “a break”, this doesn’t mean that you’re putting your relationship on hold, nor does it necessarily mean that you’re spending enforced time away from one another.

Other options might include taking a girls (or guy’s) night out to go party and flirt with strangers, a trip to a strip club or even social dancing where switching partners is expected (such as in swing dancing) can get you charged up…

before you head home with your honey and tear each other’s clothes off.

That initial rush of passion that had you banging out on every flat surface in the house and made every vaguely empty space a potential fuckstop starts to wane and you’re finding yourselves passing on fucking like greased weasels on meth in exchange for catching up on Almost Human and getting an early night’s sleep and the dawning realization that you have become everything you swore you never would.

Suddenly you’re not having sex like you used to and despite what the advice column cartels will tell you, no amount of offering to do the dishes or help out with the laundry is going to bring back that mad intensity that you had at the very beginning.

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So practice a little deliberate blue-balling in your love life.By successfully challenging yourselves, you begin to condition yourselves to associate those feelings with your partner, not just the thrill of accomplishment.Working together as a team to overcome trials forces you to communicate in new ways and opens you both up to new sides of one another that you don’t see often, if you’ve seen them at all…For many couples this sudden realization that that you’ve crossed the sex/sleep threshold is a mark that your relationship is now in a permanent downward spiral and the only thing that’s left is shuffling through Costco together like a pair of consumerist zombies looking for a bulk discount on everything that you’re going to be using to fill the void that was your relationship.The death of passion in a long-term relationship is one of the biggest killers of relationships because we associate it with being bored.

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