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This is not a “DDLC Act 1 but with some changes mod”--it’s full, individual routes that start from where Act 1 would usually end in the base game!

Please make sure you're using a copy from moe specifically since the Steam version is unstable and has caused a lot of issues with installation.

The best character is obviously Coconut, but if I had to pick a favorite merperson, it'd be Bea.

First, Sono Hanabira, then FLOWERS and now we get even more!It’s up to you to help Ci Ci hone her skills-- and maybe even find love?! Sofdelux Studio consists of both Dark Chibi Shadow and Nomnom Nami, two good buddies who love making games together! I loved watching all of the characters' arcs unfold, especially with your awesome soundtrack in the background.DCS -- Support on Patreon-- Solo Itchio Nami -- Support on Patreon -- Solo Itchio Music was created by Lydian Chord and Ryu Ishizawa! I've played for a few hours, and I've somehow ended up with 24/23 endings you sneaky little sea bunnies.Still, all those stories and especially Monika's (personal bias for best girl may be there) were incredible.Had me feeling for all the characters throughout and making me go during the end "No, please.

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