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As the two former allies clashed over various issues—for instance, while the president maintained his pro-Western stance and focused on gaining membership in NATO, the prime minister was accused of being overly supportive of Russia—their governing coalition collapsed in September 2008.

Her trial began in June 2011, and in October of that year she was sentenced to seven years in prison.Her cabinet was dismissed nine months later, however, after fractious disputes with the head of the Security and Defense Council and her controversial attempts to reprivatize companies that had been sold at less than market value.The BYT formed the main opposition after the collapse of the pro-Western Orange coalition in the summer of 2006 and finished in second place in the 2007 parliamentary campaign.In return, UESU exported metals, pipes, and other goods to Russia.The business earned her the epithet of “the gas princess.” She amassed a fortune and was linked to other successful entrepreneurs, including Pavlo Lazarenko.

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