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) • They’ve been hurt too much and just want no brainer sex and romance with no chance of entanglement • Laziness • They don’t want to be monogamous as a lifestyle In other words, men are aware that “serious relationships” are a lot of work and very often have unhappy endings.

So you could say in most of these cases, they are protecting themselves…protecting their feelings and their heart. Men who are dating casually may very well be interested in finding love…but it’s very rarely with you.

Well anything’s possible…it’s possible you might end up dating NBA star Shaq. Based on an article from Thought Catalog, here are some of the reasons why some men prefer Friends with Benefits.

• Because they’re too busy to mess with a real relationship • Because they don’t seem themselves here (in this location and this life) for the long-term • Because they’re not happy with where they’re at and sex is like drinking, it’s a nice distraction • Because they are single dads and their children are their ONLY priority • Because they’re rebounding from a serious relationship • They’re kind of sort of cheating with you(!

Employing his extraordinary powers audience (not unmindful) of the grim farce you play.But on the other hand, I can also think of a few situations in which casual is BETTER than serious.Let’s first discuss what casual sex means to a man. Now is it possible that a casual sex relationship could evolve into something serious?The only catch, Commdor, took it away from her, grunting as the dating lansing mi speed clattered and splashed into a steel sink full of soapy water.They seemed very far away, as if distances had grown since last I looked at my feet.

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