Yongseo dating rumor true or not

June- Yong Seo celebrates birthday together in Phuket 2016- Yong Seo strong relationship. Getting an approval from SNSD and CN Blue and from the Goguma Fans- Releases pre-nuptial photos with the in-laws- Yong Seo interview about their future plans (sweetness overload! (releases wedding photos) 2021-Seohyun gives birth to a healthy baby girl 2022-Seohyun to comeback as a solo singer-Yonghwa releases photos of his daughter w/ Seohyun. ♥ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope you like this guys! 2020- Yonghwa finally proposed to Seohyun, his girlfriend for 8 years.As with any celebrity, no boyband member is safe from any juicy rumors and speculations regarding their relationships.

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calmcalm, this is a only a rumor…so far, and rumors have possibility 50% true and 50% false when they are not confirmed, and so far this rumor has not been confirmed yet.

EH: I asked Kyuhyun about ‘How I can control myself from being nervous’ before the opening day.

But he laughed at me and said ‘How come you gonna be on a musical stage?

The three are now confirmed to join as well as a rookie actress named Gong Seung Yeon.

Multiple representatives have revealed to Star News on March 2 that , "The two new couples for MBC's 'We Got Married: Season 4' will engage in filming today." Participants Henry, Jonghyun, Yewon and Gong Seung Yeon has not yet be revealed how they will be partnered up.

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