Xkcd dating algorithm

Between these cloud layers, the air is probably pretty clear.

At those levels, it would be less dense than the air on Earth, so you could see a long way.

We could, I guess, try to do the same thing with a submarine—by mounting a giant heat shield on the front—but it would probably qualify as the most Kerbal vehicle ever built. The best pictures we have of Jupiter's atmosphere are probably these carefully processed mosaics of the Great Red Spot, but they're still taken from very far away.

At those resolutions, a huge Earth thunderstorm would appear as roughly one pixel.

If you took a submarine to Jupiter, it would burn up.

Jupiter has a deep gravity well; after falling down toward it from space, you're going very fast.

As Explain XKCD points out those two snakes are harmless.

So, the inland taipan venomousness was evaluated because Hairy's depth-first search of dating problems has caused him to look up the venomousness of all snakes and put that into a spreadsheet, regardless of how likely or unlikely it is that he will encounter that snake on his date.

But since Jupiter is so huge, we might not see the clouds disappear over the horizon; the towers might just fade off into the distance.Below that is a thick, reddish-brown ammonium hydrosulfide cloud layer.The lowest layer consists of white water clouds, which occasionally rise into towering thunderstorms that occasionally push through the middle layer.There's no easy way to shed that speed other than slamming into the atmosphere and letting it slow you down, but the entry is about four times faster than the Space Shuttle or Apollo Earth reentries.Only the Galileo probe has survived a Jupiter atmospheric entry.

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