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Council approves zone change for Sonic lot on Tutt Street And the city moved forward with a zoning change which will allow Curbside Enterprises, Inc., the owners of the Columbia Sonic restaurant, to build a new replacement stire on the lot at 622 Tutt St, adjacent to the present Sonic location.

If they eat cafeteria food, or worse yet – get something from the candy machine, they may have an energy crash from sugar overload.

One great meal idea for small plastic containers is to chop up left over chicken breasts, add chopped grapes and a little bit of mayonnaise to create a wonderful chicken salad to make any teen jealous.

Rather than making traditional sandwiches, your teen can create wraps instead.

Read now The beauty industry is a jungle where the survival of the well read applies.

Do your homework, get to know the skin you are in and find your perfect skin care match!

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