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I was looking at the kogan 65" but they don't deliver that t.v.

I do also acknowledge that the difference in quality is not just uhd vs fhd on the premium panels, but your best picture quality tv's these days will be uhd (with the exclusion of the LG fhd oled).

I wonder if this would make a good glorified monitor until 65 inch OLEDs become attainable?

Hi all I asked Aldi on line 'Does the TV upscale live DVB to Ultra Hi Def?

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Also, I noticed that males should pay month to register.

(it was said that females should not pay to register)...

I'm afraid this agency is just taking money from men...thanks, Yuliya Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

However the anti glare has been rubbed off in patches and it looks horrible.

My views – Dont break your head too much on the product or the pricing.

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