Wrt610n validating identity

f=45 4173-A29 (CTO) Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics even faster than T410's NVS3100M, but slightly behind on Graphics (I remember reading somewhere they would devote more silicon estate for 3D than 2D improvement, which is "fast enough", can't find it at the moment.

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Speed Fan 4.43 hits 88°C 2001R3 5153 no more XULrunner problem transcoding big buck bunny 1080p h.264 mov to baseline mp4 with Sandy Bridge hardware acceleration turn on - 289 seconds. T410, 1064 seconds; T410 CUDA 961 seconds W520, 438 seconds; W520 CUDA 177 seconds, won't install Intel accelerated encoder, need custom install, w/ discreet graphics, even slower 621 seconds, need to turn on Optimus, then it goes back to 280 seconds) Driver version 8. Driver status Not FM Approved 3DMark Score: P1934.46 3DMarks P5026 - NVIDIA Ge Force GT 540 P3697 - AMD Radeon HD 6750M P4163-P772 - Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000 (Intel Core i5-2520M) Graphics Score:1531.62 CPU Score:9170.38 Jane Nash:4.7 FPS New Calico:4.26 FPS AI Test:1234.7 operations/s Physics Test:13.01 operations/s Texture Fill N/A Color Fill N/A Pixel Shader N/A Stream Out N/A GPU Particles N/A Perlin Noise N/A Preset Performance Width 1280 Height 1024 MSAA 1 Texture Filtering Optimal Anisotropy 1 Texture Quality Performance Shader Quality Performance Shadow Shader Quality Performance Shadow Resolution Quality Performance Post Processing Scale 1:2 PPU Disabled true PPU Used false Disable Bloom false Disable Streaks false Disable Anamorphic Flare false Disable Lens Flare false Disable Lenticular Halo false Disable Motion Blur false Disable DOF false Disable Fog false Disable Color Noise false Flush On Low FPS false Fixed Framerate false GPU Count 1 3DMark Score - 4134.0 3DMarks 06 1.2.0 SM2.0 Score - 1318.0 HDR/SM3.0 Score - 1756.0 CPU Score - 2907.0 GT1 - Return To Proxycon - 10.39 FPS GT2 - Firefly Forest - 11.57 FPS CPU1 - Red Valley - 0.93 FPS CPU2 - Red Valley - 1.46 FPS HDR1 - Canyon Flight - 15.51 FPS HDR2 - Deep Freeze - 19.6 FPS Driver version - 8. Driver status - Not FM Approved Memory - 69 MB Default settings used - No Width - 1280 Height - 800 Anti-Aliasing - None Texture Filtering - Optimal VS Profile - 3_0 PS Profile - 3_0 Open GL 10.22 fps, 99.3% reference match CPU 2.60 pts CPU single core 1.1 pts, 2.37x MP audio not passing through using DP-HDMI adapter (not output device in audio control panel, just internal).0.8 cd/m² Not sure why Windows 7 color control panel applet doesn't plot ICC/ICM like XP download version, vs.NTSC, s RGB IEC 61966-2.1, Adobe RGB 1998 before and after off angles, i think it is about 15 degrees for each move, i just eyeball it, need to reshoot.i need to put a real camera on tripod, and find the Bogen QTVR head.from SSD OEM select disk 0 clean convert gpt create partition efi size=100 format quick fs=fat32 label="System" assign letter="S" create partition msr size=128 create partition primary format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows" assign letter="W" Panasonic FRU 42T4847 Li-Ion 43.29 Wh 11.10V - Think Pad Battery 66 (6-cell) P/N 0A36287 rated for up to 5.5 hr.

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