Worst dating cities us

For one thing, the analysts heavily weighted the "singles gender balance," a ratio of single men to single women, in its findings, ignoring the fact that not all single people are seeking a partner of the opposite gender.So if you're single and queer, these rankings might not matter much after all.The majority of the lowest 10 ranked cities are located on the East Coast, with a few exceptions.Below are the bottom ten cities for dating in the US, with #1 being the lowest ranked.As for the worst cities, South Burlington, VT, Pearl City, HI, Hialeah, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL and Brownsville, TX rank in the bottom five based on the combination of economics, fun & recreation and dating opportunities. For economics, the study focused mostly on the money side of dating, such as meal, cocktail and taxi cost.Fun & recreation considered number of attractions, restaurants per capita and weather, among others.And we discovered that there is love for them all over the country.

However, for as many historical landmarks, amazing nightlife scenes, and striking landscapes there are to take in—oftentimes that also means major urban centers can have their share of crime, poverty, and traffic dangers, which have earned the following American cities a bad rap that are not really justified.Curvy women in this city had the best chance of getting liked by men online followed by Philadelphia in the East, Cleveland in the Midwest, Los Angeles in the West and Houston in the South. There are a few cities that you bodacious babes should steer clear of.Perhaps now that we’ve called them out they’ll change their ways.At least singles there will be able to numb their sorrows with some ice cream — the city is home to the Ben and Jerry's headquarters, and the famous ice cream company's factory is in neighboring Waterbury.However, it might be best to take these rankings with a grain of salt.

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