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The automatic generation of a chronicle and a history colours the destiny of all statements.Nothing can be consigned to amnesia, even though it may appear to be insignificant.It changed the ways in which the world became present to us and the ways in which we became present to the world, forever.

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It also de-centres the idea of the global from any privileged location.While this does not mean that as artists, intellectuals or creative practitioners we stop considering or attending to our anchorage in specific co-ordinates of actual physical locations, what it does mean is that we understand that the concrete fact of our physical place in the world is striated by the location's transmitting and receiving capacities, which turns everything we choose to create into either a weak or a strong signal.We are aware that these signals go out, not just to those we know and to those who know us, but to the rest of the world, through possibly endless relays and loops.More often than not, we are talking to strangers on intimate terms, even when we are not aware of the actual instances of communication. Just as everyone on the Internet is a potential recipient and transmitter of our signals, we too are stations for the reception and relay of other people's messages.This constancy of connection to the nervous systems of billions of others comes with its own consequences.

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