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Sometimes, these "deaths" were explained as having evaded death and being just wounded as in case of Lieutenant Valorcall or Vanessa Van Cleef.The final cinematic of Warlords of Draenor doesn't seem to be entirely canon as Blizzard stated that Archimonde died in the Twisting Nether instead of at the Black Gate in Tanaan Jungle on alternate Draenor.

Note that even canon lore is sometimes contradictory (or retconned), often representing the beliefs or perspectives of an individual or group, rather than any absolute truth.

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When compared to Africa in real life, which is about 8,000 kilometers long, Kalimdor is a meager 0.002375% the size of Africa.

As such, Kalimdor would be somewhere around 421 times longer in lore than it is in-game if the size of Azeroth is comparable to Earth and Kalimdor to Africa.

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