Womens naked rowing

For the second year, the women of Warwick have gotten in on the action too, posing to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

But Facebook has removed their page, claiming they breach the "pornography" policy..A female university rowing club who caused a feminism row last year over their racy charity calendar have defied critics to bare all in an even saucier follow-up.The students from The University of Warwick's Rowing Society caused controversy last year after their saucy snaps were branded 'tacky' and 'sexist'.Personal hygiene consists of a wash down with baby wipes and application of surgical spirit to our behinds and hands after each shift and that's it." During their month at sea, the women have encountered Hurricane Alex and suffered a power failure, which left them steering by hand, using a compass and manually converting sea water into drinking water.Mrs Butters, from Cawood, North Yorkshire, suffered from seasickness and Ms Doeg, who celebrated her 45th birthday on the boat, developed an infected fingernail, a pressure sore and a bruised coccyx following a fall.

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