Wmp retrieving media information and updating files

I just found a cool Python tool which can query all the controls of any program. It's here: Gui html With that you can get the info from the GUI. This way you have to extract the ID3 tags yourself.Might worth the shot as it would be an universal solution.What I would normally do for my other applications: WMP Does not have the current playing song in the title.

Return your implementation of IWMPRemote Media Services and, third, you will be called again via Get Service Type. You are now connected to the WMP running instance 7) Query the COM object for an IWMPMedia interface pointer 8) If 7) didn't gave NULL, read the the IWMPMedia::name property.

Zune A method would be to cycle through the three title states, determine which state it's currently at and find the position of the other two. This "somehow" gets the current playing song from Zune and puts it in the registry, this thing does not work with my sloppy title method, since it changes the registry the instant the song changes. This is the solution I had used in the working version of my program, but many users reported that it simply didn't work, nothing happened. That is found in the discussion of the Zune Now Playing application. Alternate directions to maybe look into While browsing about this subject, I've seen people talking about retrieving data directly from GUI's.

IE: First 5 seconds the title is: Super_song Next 5 seconds the title is: By Power_artist Next 5 seconds the title is: Good_album (date) So I could determine when the album title is by making a regex for the date (which is always there) and then find the title and artist by waiting a few seconds. And I checked the program and it doesn't reliably change the registry all the time. The source is not available unfortunately, at least I can't find it. I'm not sure how legit, possible or even how correct my memory of it is, but if it's possible could someone redirect me to more on this? I have working code in C to print the name of media currently playing in WMP.

Which is heavily unreliable to track with my current method, albeit possible.

Windows Media Player I've also tried using the COM component for windows media player.

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