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Your home site will be able to tell you whether PEAP MSCHAPv2 is the appropriate authenticiation method that you should use.

Wherever you see the icon in the instructions below you can click on the text beside it to display further information and click on it again to hide the detailed text once more.

However, if you wish to explicitly identify an intermediate CA, or your server's certificate is signed by a private root CA, then you must install that intermediate/root CA's certificate before proceeding.

Your wireless client is now configured to avail of eduroam and should connect automatically when at a site where the eduroam service is available.

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You can try stepping up encryption to wpa/tkip, wpa-psk/aes, wpa-psk/tkip however the settings must be the same on both your router and your card.

That said you cannot have wpa set on your card and have wpa-psk set on router.

If any of the details in your wifi profile are incorrect then your authentication will fail and you will not gain wifi access via eduroam.

The IT department of your home site will be able to provide you with these details: You can verify that the certificate is installed by running MMC (mmc.exe), adding the "Certificates" snap-in, and browsing to the appropriate certificate store ("Trusted Root Certification Authorities"- As described in a later step, you must supply the details of the SSL certificate of your home authentication server as part of the eduroam profile.

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