Windows vista ultimate not updating Frog web sex cam

It is set to notify me when updates are available but lets me decide when to download and install them.

When the yellow shield pops up, I pick a convenient time and tell it to go do it using the custom option This lets me choose what to install (IE 8 and WGA aren't popular with my clients and a few are still deferring service packs).

You did not say if you were able to get any updates at all so if none of the above works try going to windows/validation and run the tool,the only other reason an update won't work is some need to be installed befor others.

Example: Today I had 3 updates,tryed to install 2 failed so I clicked the see failed and tryed only one at a time they all went.

In my case it was the display drivers which needed to be rolled back to earlier version and that enabled the updates once again.

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It detects that there are updates available, but when I give the command to download, it attempts to and then say it failed. message ID=3052458#3052458 Check your services --Submitted by darrenforster99 message ID=3052473#3052473 I would try a Vista Repair --Submitted by Pudgy One I get the Updates are ready for your computer and it goes away and starts the download automatically.For some reason, I never get a notification that the downloads are complete.It would pop up the updates are ready, click here to download and install but would then apparently never complete the download.I changed the Automatic Update setting to Download but let me choose when to install.

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