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It’s happened to me three times where a guy will tell me that I’m pretty intimidating about a month or so into talking/dating. Some would say that he was intimidated, but what if he was just sticking to conventional dating norms and he just prefers being the high earner in a relationship because that’s what he thinks a man’s role should be?

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Not because I’m intimidated by their work ethic, but because I like dating people who have free time to spend with me.

I’m friendly and outgoing, short and small so it’s not my height that’s intimidating, good sense of humor, I read books, work out, have a close circle of friends, cook great food, even pretty spectacular in bed I’ve been told. I think a lot of people confuse being Now, let’s consider a hypothetical situation. The man, having been told how much income the woman earns, decides that he cannot date a woman who makes more than him and stops dating her.

A lot of the advice people give on how women can be less intimidating basically comes down to softening your look, being more feminine, acting deferentially, and generally mollycoddling weak men.

Appreciate your ability to intimidate these men, because the guy who isn’t intimidated by you when he meets you is probably a matter match for you than those last few bozos.

The battle of equality between men and women across the globe has been fought for decades, and the fight has borne fruit.

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