Who is vin diesel dating now 2016

Even after a long time relationship that Paloma and Vin have and even with the three kinds under their belts, the two remain unmarried.They have never actually discussed the fact of officially getting married and are still boyfriend and girlfriend even with such a history and family ties that they have.But things have emerged in the last years when lots about their relationship have become public.One of the things that amaze people is the age difference.

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If you are wondering why you rarely hear about Paloma, Vin once stated that he comes from a background of people who stick to a certain code and this code involves talking and sharing too much about your family.

Besides all things going well, there was a time when it was rumored that Paloma and Vin were going to break up.

This was because of Vin’s jealousy and some reports that Palome was cheating on Vin.

She even appeared in some tele novelas and in that sense started a kind of an acting career as well.

Vin and Paloma started their relationship very secretive. Some people think that it is because of the age difference while others assume that it was because of the image that Vin Diesel wanted to display in front of his fans.

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