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He is one of the DJs in the band that produced the song "Party Rock Anthem." A sample of the song can be found here.

While you might not know the song by name, chances are you've heard it someplace.

Aharonov said that Azarenka’s status as a public figure and her roots in California would make it unlikely that she would be classified as a flight risk.

A custody battle ensued, with Mc Keague filing paternity papers in Los Angeles, where they both lived, although Azarenka is a citizen of Belarus.

As a result of the papers being filed, neither parent were allowed to take Leo out of California until they reached an agreement.

There were very few radio stations you could listen to over the past year that weren't playing the LMFAO hit song.

What I do find strange is how a guy who wears thick, white-framed glasses, cow pants and vest—all while sporting a puffy hairstyle—can land a star like Azarenka. Nevertheless, putting those thoughts aside, it appears the two are quite happy in their relationship.

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