Who is patrick kielty dating

Many young men might have sought revenge – an invitation extended to Kielty’s family by IRA recruiters, he now recalls.

Instead, Kielty studied psychology (“Don’t read too much into that,” he says) and pursued comedy, “telling jokes about politics and the violence”.

So, let’s read too much into that: reeling from an awful experience, he chose to understand why people do what they do, and then, through disarming ways, confronted them with it.

This searching documentary does something fascinatingly similar.

As with Clive Anderson, you can't help feel that Kielty is only interesting is doing his jokes and many guests are wasted as a result.

I loved his stand up stuff so maybe I'm expecting too much from him, but I can't help feel that his show has run for a few series only because of the novelty value of having an `Norn Ire'and' accent on UK TV.

But as an interviewer her lacks the knowledge to gently guide his guest and let them tell their stories.

Instead he often has his jokes set up and works to steer the guest to a place where he can use his material or put them in a set up routine of some sort.

Mixing chat, stand up jokes and music the show aims to be a comedy chat show.Proof, if proof were needed that stand up comics don't automatically make good chat show hosts.(BBC One, Wednesday, 9pm), a personal, fascinating and rather comprehensive investigation into the legacy of the Good Friday agreement, the comedian and presenter Patrick Kielty takes one slightly unexpected detour – he visits a comedy club.The following year he appeared on BBC One’s Live At The Apollo to re-established his stand-up credentials.In 2010, he landed the job of hosting the topical show Stand Up For The Week on Channel 4.

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