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On 7th September 2013, they raised 2,500 euros in memory of late Harry Moseley, by taking part on Pointless Celebrities.Apart from Harry Potter movies, Oliver's television credits include Ward 3 (2012), The Turn (2012), Own Worst Enemy (2012), Hogwarts Express (2014), Kings of the Nerds (2015) and Danny and the Human Zoo (2015).The brothers went in Orlando, Florida for the Harry Potter Celebration in early 2014 alongside Matthew Lewis, Devon Murray and Evanna Lynch.

They were also working for the Harry Potter Exhibition and contributed to the presentation during the Chicago’s 2009 official opening.

The brothers also enjoy traveling and they have attended various games and events around the world.

Oliver Phelps is a patron of charity works and planted trees at the National Forest in Leicestershire in January 2003.

In January 2014, the brothers along with Evanna Lynch, Devon Murray, and Matthew Lewis went to Orlando during the Harry Potter Celebration, where they were questioned by fans in the Live Cast and discussed the expansion of Harry Potter in which fans can take part in Diagon Alley, summer 2014.

Besides, their acting career both of them love playing golf and Oliver's handicap is 20 while James' is 18.

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