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Leona's coming back, Alexandra, Shayne, they're all coming back." He added: "Simon doesn't want us to know who is doing the celebrity version and he doesn't want to know.

One of the things that many of our readers ask about Louis Walsh is about his sexuality. Scores of people visit THEGAYUK’s website each week during He’s never been married and has never publicly acknowledged anyone as a partner, however, he was spotted by one of our showbiz insiders at the Balans restaurant in South Beach, Florida, accompanied by a lovely looking tall dark and handsome type a few years back. In 2015 he told the Daily Mail that he hadn’t had botox, but that he had had a hair transplant.

"We haven't been told who the celebrities are, I've just read bits in the papers.

They want it to be a surprise to us when they walk out."It's going to be great, and then we do the 'best of' all in one week, all the winners are coming back.

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, he said: "I go to Los Angeles on Tuesday, I go to Simon's house in Malibu, it’s me Simon [Cowell] and Nicole [Scherzinger] and we're doing the celebrity one.

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It was also rumored that he involved in the relationship with Caroline Flack (The X Factor). There are no official claims that Louis Walsh gay or hiding his sexual orientation.He managed some of Ireland's most successful pop performers, including Boyzone and Johnny Logan. He began managing Aston Merrygold's band, JLS, in 2009.He appeared on several reality series, including You're a Star, Popstars, and Britain's Got Talent. He’s the oldest judge on The first job was pulling pints at an establishment called the Blues Inn.Although we really can’t see him as the next Peggy Mitchell can you? Apparently, Louis Walsh was besotted with gay icon Joan Rivers.

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