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Lloyd soon suddenly realizes that if Garmadon was fueled by the fight then he must stop fighting in order to defeat him.He manages to resist his father long enough for the latter to lose his power and for Lloyd to regain his own.Before the battle with Chen, Lloyd noticed Wu and Misako shunning Garmadon, asking if they knew about the letter as Garmadon sadly confirmed it.When fighting Chen's forces he was openly against the idea of having to banish his father to the Cursed Realm defeat Chen but relented and personally banished him to see him off though was sad at the outcome.In "The Gilded Path," Lloyd encountered his father once more and was nearly killed by the Colossus.However, Lloyd pleaded to his father at not doing so and Garmadon relented, marking the first time he had shown hesitance after his revival. The R&B singer and his girlfriend Dehea Abraham are expecting their first child, they revealed on Instagram. Recently, Dehea posted a photo of herself at 32 weeks pregnant. “It’s time to come back home and rub on my belly, [Lloyd].” https:// PFy VT/ Yesterday, Lloyd also tweeted: “Another blessing 🙏🏾 thank you Lord.” https://twitter.com/Lloyd_YG/status/896823067229396992 Lloyd has been open about his hopes for a baby and alluded to losing a child due to a miscarriage.On last year’s “Tru,” he sang: “Came home helped my sister raise a child, kind of hurt me ’cause I could’ve had my own now / Lost my baby damn, it’s really hitting home now.” Last month, the R&B crooner dropped the video for “Heavenly Body” off his Tru EP.

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Before going to prison, Garmadon warned Lloyd that now that he was powerless, there was nothing that could stop Ninjago from being overcome by the approaching darkness.In "Curseworld, Part II," Lloyd was reunited with his father while traversing the Cursed Realm and attempted to free him but to no avail.Lloyd was distraught when he realized that to defeat the Preeminent he'd have to sacrifice his father who told him no matter what he'll always be a part of him.Despite no longer trusting his father, Lloyd heeded his words about the darkness, and feared the coming of the Oni.In "The Darkness Comes," Lloyd heeds his father's call to Kryptarium Prison and he is once again reproached by his father for his lack of belief in the incoming darkness, which makes Lloyd more alarmed.

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