Who is kendu isaacs dating

The pair officially announced their separation in 2016, so finalizing the split has been a lengthy process.While there are plenty of rumors as to why these two decided to part ways, we’ll never know exactly what happened.Following his former marital relationship, Kendu was blessed with three children Brianna Isaacs, Jordan Isaacs, and Nas Isaacs.When she was addicted to alcohol, sex, and drugs, Isaacs supported and motivated superstar.

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In a 2007 interview, Blige credited her husband with saving her life.Although professionally a music producer, Kendu Isaacs rose to fame due to his celebrity ex-wife, Mary J. Besides, he has is a part of several records and is currently working at Matriarch Entertainment.However, the exact details about his net worth and salary are far from the media.After years of addiction to drugs and alcohol she used to cope with the pain of an abusive upbringing, Blige entered a series of abusive relationships.She said she met Isaacs at a time when she “hated men,” but he’d helped her heal by showing her unconditional love (and a lot of patience).

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