Who is kat williams dating

As previously reported the comedian was taken into custody in Atlanta after an altercation at a popular Atlanta seafood restaurant where he threw a salt shaker.

Now his new girlfriend is defending him against fans who think it’s funny.

When it comes to those who are stand up comedians one cannot be so sure as when they are joking and when they are serious.

Not really odd is the constant jibes and accusations being tossed about with regards to being gay.

We guess not taking yourself seriously is a prerequisite for making it in comedy.

Katt Williams was born on September 2, in the year 1971 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘Living on the fast lane’ ?

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One thing about celebrities is that everyone is always looking for something to say about them and make a story out of nothing.

But those with the financial means to back up that desire to live fast may get away with a lot of things.

Katt Williams is definitely one guy who lives life to the fullest, with little regard for what others think about him.

[…] “Your favorite rapper I, or comedian takes a L like any other human and you bash them not knowing what they go through.” Oh yeah Jhonni???

In case you didn’t know Jhonni’s been flaunting her baeship with Katt on Instagram for weeks…. Hit the flip to see what she thinks about her fellow Love & Hip Hop star dating her ex.

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