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He even reportedly got into a few physical altercations with photographers, as well, as he told Vice's After the show wrapped, Brescia wasn't going to stick around Tinseltown to deal with any more cameras.

So he fled the country and moved to Nicaragua for two and a half years instead.

“That was pretty misconstrued because they asked if I could do a shot where I drive away with her or ride away with her.”“And then they had brought a helmet with her, for her, and I showed up, I filmed and they’re like, ‘Oh, we’re not gonna do this shot. “But they shot the helmet left by itself and me taking off, and they’re like, ‘He left her.’ And I’m like, ‘What? ’” Brescia says, when asked whether he wanted to be famous at the time.

“But I think if you get it in a negative light, then you don’t want it.”Still, if another opportunity like came calling, he admits he would be open to the possibility, adding that he’d do it “a lot smarter.”Now based in Austin, Texas, Brescia -- who admits he doesn’t have a personal life at the moment -- is putting all his focus on his alternative punk rock band, Bobbyroc K, which is currently on its first U.

Brescia says that moment -- one of the franchise’s most memorable -- wasn’t supposed to happen that way and was skewed for the sake of entertainment.

()“They kinda ridiculed me for leaving Audrina at the beach one time,” he explains. RELATED: Why Lauren Conrad Is Totally Fine Being Called 'Pretty Basic'It’s been six years since Brescia bid adieu to and the former bad boy was reflective on his time on the then-MTV staple.“Sometimes you think, ‘Oh, what would it be like? “Not as much as the music but I’m a sucker for that s**t,” he says.

Unfortunately, Audrina's contentious divorce involved conflicts over whether her daughter would appear on reboot.

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came to an end in 2010, though many of the cast members managed to maintain a presence in the spotlight … He seemingly drove his motorcycle off into the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again.Then, eventually, both our schedules freed up, and I cut it," he told .MTV cameras followed along to record him doing his magic on her tresses, and, although the footage didn't make the cut, they invited Brescia onto the show as Patridge's love interest and offered him a salary triple the amount he was making as a hairdresser, .At the time, the two were spotted on vacationing in Cozumel, Mexico. One thing’s for sure, Brescia was always in combat boots -- even when he went to the beach and seemingly left Patridge there in one of the show’s famous storylines.

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