Who is joel kinnaman dating

Joel Kinnaman had previously dated actress Olivia Munn.The same year that Joel Kinnaman began dating Cleo Wattenström, Olivia Munn began dating Aaron Rogers; Munn and Rogers broke up earlier this April 2016, he casually revealed that he and Cleo Wattenström were married.To finance the trip, he worked in various jobs—as a beer factory line worker and roof-sweeper in Norway, and as a bar manager in the French Alps.Kinnaman began his acting career as a child actor in 1990, with a role in the soap opera Storstad.Wattenström currently works in Southern California. It was in Stockholm that she began an apprenticeship at the age of 14 which would lead her down the road to becoming a tattoo artist.These days, Cleo Wattenström lives with Joel Kinnaman in Venice, California in a .7 million home, according to Variety. Kinnaman is known internationally for his television roles as Detective Stephen Holder in AMC's The Killing, Takeshi Kovacs in the first season of Altered Carbon, and Governor Will Conway in the U. After high school, he decided to travel around the world. He has also played Alex Murphy in the 2014 Robo Cop remake, and Rick Flag in the film adaptation of Suicide Squad (2016), based on the DC Comics anti-hero team of the same title.

Since 2016, Kinnaman has been cast in four series on several streaming television networks.

On the show, Aisha Tyler said, “Your girlfriend is actually a tattoo artist,” and Kinnaman corrected her by saying, “My wife.”This was not publicly known at the time, and Kinnaman later explained on that they had gotten married in early 2016 in a quick wedding that was hardly a big spectacle.“I’m a romantic guy,” Kinnaman jokingly said.

“I took her to this very romantic place on San Vicente Boulevard called Same Day Marriage. This little Russian lady sitting inside there, she was like, ‘Do you want to get married?

S., he added that "I absolutely don't feel that I have to take any role that I can get just because it is the United States.

I'm looking for something interesting, I'm still young in my artistry, and I must dare to do things even when there's a risk for failure".

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