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The Doctor decides to take Blaine back to her home planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius, but she reveals that she has received a death sentence there and will be executed upon returning.

The Doctor agrees to her final request to accompany her to a dinner meal.

The Doctor surmises that the TARDIS sensed that Blaine wanted a second chance at life and gave it to her.

The TARDIS crew decides to return the egg to Raxacoricofallapatorius so Blaine can be raised in a different family.

Jack and the Doctor are unable to stop the energy transfer, and Blaine takes Rose hostage and demands the extrapolator.

Primarily, Davies wanted to explore the consequences of the Doctor's actions and question whether he had the right to sentence an enemy to death.Before Rose can answer whether she will come back to Mickey, Cardiff is struck by a large earthquake that is coming from the Rift.The Doctor, Blaine, Rose and Jack regroup and find that the extrapolator was a trap meant to redirect the energy from the TARDIS into the Rift, rupturing it.Rose realises Mickey has left without saying goodbye.She runs out to look for him, but finds he has gone.

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