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Over time, however, she accepts his involvement in her activities.Nolan is Emily's first port of call when she needs a computer or cell phone hacked, an anonymous email sent, something decrypted, or something doctored.Nolan is also very generous towards the Porter family, helping them financially and otherwise.In season one, he helped Porters keep their bar during a period of financial troubles, paid Declan's tuition and even offered to help them keep their house.

They break off the engagement after she kisses Jack.

Grateful to David, Nolan offers to help his daughter.

Emily is initially reluctant to trust him and tries to repulse him through intimidation or use of force.

She makes preparations for her return to the Hamptons – trading identities with her former cellmate in juvenile detention, as well as taking notes on Daniel Grayson.

After arriving in the Hamptons, Emily buys her father's former house next door to the Graysons and becomes romantically involved with Daniel in order to get closer to his family.

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