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When the story starts Ashley is 18 years old and attending a performing art college in Canada.

It's quite clear that Ashley is a bit confused about his sexuality, or better abou Boy Midflight is a coming of age and coming out story without the angst that usually accompanies both this genres.

I liked the endless possibilities that the HFN ending gave the story. Chris wants Ashley, but is torn about breaking up with his boyfriend Jeremy.

After finishing the book and reflecting for a time, it struck me how Charlie David toys with the notion of puer aeternus -- Latin for eternal boy. Ashley is with Mikal, yet feels the need to meet once more with Chris ... In summary, Boy Midflight was an enjoyable read (a bit too angsty at times) but it also felt raw and unfinished - flush with possibilities not realized, much like youth itself.

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And frankly, while it was interesting to get into the mind of an 18 year old, I grew a bit weary of the angst toward the end of the book. Mikal floats between wanting a relationship with Ashley and equally wanting to escape into his fears.

That's how a lot of indie actors get their foot in the door. Only after I saw his picture did I recall who he was. Get real.[quote]Love him or hate him, he is the most important gay cultural figure of the 2000s.

But most of them never crossover to studio gigs.[quote]Love him or hate him, he is the most important gay cultural figure of the 2000s. To save a bit of discussion time, can we have all just agree to revise OP's statement as follows?

But is Ashley ready for real love or it is just infatuation?

Will he go back to his comfortable life with Chris or explore this new-found attraction?

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