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She investigates a dead body that is found in the girls' locker room, and, with the help of her new friends Willow and Xander, she fights a gang of vampires.

Also, she meets Cordelia and her friends, and Giles, her new Watcher, tells her more about her destiny.

I know that you will stay with me for looong because when you see truly good things, you appreciate them.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an American supernatural drama television series based on the 1992 film of the same name.

Buffy Summers (the Vampire Slayer) had three long term boyfriends during the seven seasons of her show, they were Angel, Riley and Spike. After The Master drowned her, Xander performed CPR, removing the water form her body, and giving her air. But, Buffy herself is revived, thus having the presence of two slayers at one time.

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" Spike's eyes widened "(Y/N)..." You smiled "It was great Spike" "(Y/N)... " "I hope we do this again" "Don't worry" He smiled "OK" "I love you but I gotta get home" "Ok, love" You opened the door and ran home and opened the door a crack and snook to Your room and messed up Your bed and acted like You were home. You left his crypt, You seen Buffy and Willow again "Hi! " "No" "Wow" "We need to learn from You" "Yes you do" "Well were You to having " fun" on the night at The Bronze? Just talking and kissing and I got knocked out that night" "Did he behave?

Your mom is gonna kill us" "I'm gonna lie to her about last night" "Of course" "I love You Spike" Spike's eyes widened "I love you to" He smiled. He stood up to "Your so strong" He smiled "Thanks" "You have a six pack" "Heh" "Your so cute" He smiled "You to" You grabbed Your clothes and changed "What time is it?

Buffy Summers arrives for her first day at a new school, and already weird things are happening.

There is a mortgage document available online which proves this. He then married Elizabeth "Buffy" Grant Harkness in 1950 & remained married to her until his death on Sept. He is also the father of actress Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha Stevens on Bewitched.

Michael Waltrip and Elizabeth "Buffy" Franks were divorced in 2010. Spike had gotten a 'Buffy-bot' to help him with his 'sexual desires' while Buffy wasn't with him.

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