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Like “this is going to be amazing.” Because just looking at us without us even saying a word is a statement unto itself. AH: In between takes we do, and so much that they’re like “Bring it in!So I just thought that that was really wonderful creating of characters and then casting of characters because it was such a strong statement about accepting family and accepting love no matter what the package it comes in and so I loved being a part of voicing that message. AE: It’s great because it’s not something you see on network television a lot. AH: It’s not a heavy-handed message, it’s just there. Bring it in.” It becomes—it almost becomes comical how intense it becomes.I imagine it’s something we’re going to have to revisit, obviously, since we introduced it.Even when that came up I was, that was a surprise for me. ” So we came up with a story about her and then they introduce this dad and I’m like—I was almost offended.She holds an American Nationality and is obviously African-American.For her education, Aisha attended the High School of Performing Arts and this is where her formal training in acting began. The CBS show, adapted from a Stephen King novel of the same name, follows the people of Chester’s Mill as some are trapped under a mysterious dome and unable to communicate with the outside world, including family members and friends they were separated from without warning.The series, which was just picked up for a second season, has an interesting cast of characters including a lesbian couple and their teenage daughter.

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This perhaps is attributed to her boyish looks as she has maintained a low cut for a long time now.However she is able to help out in the hospital during a deadly flu epidemic which has both she and her wife jumping into action to help everyone in need.We grabbed Aisha Hinds at a TCA party where she told us she loves to see tweets from After Ellen reader about the show and answered our questions about playing the role of Carolyn.We’re only six episodes in since the show premiered this summer, but we’ve seen that Alice and Carolyn’s relationship is strained by Norrie’s rebellious nature, but they want to help her however they can.When the dome comes down, things get more stressful as Norrie begins to have seizures and Alice is revealed to have diabetes with limited access to insulin.

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