When is it a relationship from dating

Two people who are in a relationship with one another are undoubtedly going to have a very deep and strong connection with each other.

You know your boyfriend well, and he knows you incredibly well too.

Some people go on a date and find themselves under the sheets that very night- and that’s okay, if you’re not waiting until the two of you are exclusive.

He is probably seeing other girls and you need to know that.

So, when you’re dating, almost be certain there’s other dates happening without you.

If you aren’t his girlfriend and he’s not your boyfriend, you’re probably not being introduced to family and friends; that’s reserved for more serious relationships.

He should be your best friend and your lover simultaneously.

The two of you should be able to be perfectly comfortable in a room together even in the silence, but you also have the ability to talk for hours on end without losing the fun of the conversation.

Sure, you’re dating; but you’re probably not texting and calling twenty-four seven like a couple in love, and you’re probably not seeing each other all TOO often.

The two of you should have similar goals that you both want and will both work for.

Now, I’m not saying get married in a month and start having babies right away; but, you should have FUTURE goals that you’re both looking towards, and it’s a-okay to have short term goals as well like a promotion or finishing school.

Once you are in a relationship, the two of you should be monogamous with each other.

There is no more dating other people, and there is definitely no more sleeping around.

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