What is the difference between dating and boyfriend girlfriend

Maybe they have no sense of responsibility, or maybe they simply don’t want to commit for a long term.A boyfriend may keep the relationship romantic and cozy or he may go physical with his girl.

Dating with exclusivity for me is saying "I'm definitely interested, but let's date a little more before making it official". When my girlfriend asked me to be exclusive I took it as her asking me to be her boyfriend and that was her meaning but it could vary That's just how you want to name things.Boyfriend/girlfriend for me has a bit more emotional investment and intimacy than just dating with exclusivity. I'm "dating" a girl who, while we're more than friends with benefits, we aren't going to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and I'd be vaguely upset with her for dating another dude, as she would be with me for the opposite. Where I come from you are exclusive from day one, dating more than one person at a time is viewed as cheating basically.I put "exclusivity" in the same boat as "boyfriend/girlfriend". So you just start dating, you tell your friends you're dating her, and eventually you introduce her as your girlfriend. You take your boyfriend to your sisters wedding, not the guy your exclusively fucking, unless they are the same person which is a normal thing. Being exclusive is an agreement and a commitment to a relationship. Boyfriend is a title giving to someone for public exposure. While rare, it is possible to be a boyfriend and sleep with other people behind closed doors.

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