What is one advantage of radioactive dating over relative dating

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The same rock formation also contains a type of trilobite that was known to live 415 to 425 million years ago.

Since the rock formation contains both types of fossils the ago of the rock formation must be in the overlapping date range of 415 to 420 million years.

So, often layers of volcanic rocks above and below the layers containing fossils can be dated to provide a date range for the fossil containing rocks.

The majority of the time fossils are dated using relative dating techniques.

Elements occur naturally in the earth, and they can tell us a lot about its past.

Carbon, uranium, and potassium are just a few examples of elements used in radioactive dating.

Scientists can use certain types of fossils referred to as index fossils to assist in relative dating via correlation.

Index fossils are fossils that are known to only occur within a very specific age range.

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