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Why then, so close to publication, has PISA received so little air time? Kirsty Williams’ tenure as Education Minister has been dominated by a re-imagining of what and how children learn in Welsh classrooms, and development of Professor Graham Donaldson’s has taken precedence over everything else.

As such, unlike more traditional external exams (which tend to be specific to their respective jurisdictions), PISA provides a measure by which countries across the world can be compared.Wales’ education system has matured to a level at which it knows well its deficiencies – and there are actions in place to tackle them.Perhaps, then, it is time to re-think PISA and its place within our reform agenda.In fact, given the heavy demands of curriculum development, I think we will have done well to stabilise our position in this year’s world rankings.Notwithstanding the restorative interventions that were put in place by the Welsh Government in the run-up to PISA testing last year (including the appointment of a PISA tsar to rally round participating schools), I fear there has been too much noise in the system to distract those chosen to take part.

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