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The Internet, as a platform for social networking will be replaced by the cell phone, and as a result, Facebook will be replaced by the Weave Network.

In the next 50 years, a technological advancement will be made for the networking abilities of phones which will be able to harbour a more powerful social networking tool than social networking websites on the Internet.

The first major milestone that will make the Weave Network fully functional by 2059 will be new GPS, triangulation and Internet technologies on mobile devices.

Social networking has become much easier with the invention of certain technologies, such as the telephone and Internet.

Although Facebook has expanded to mobile phones, it is much less interactive than accessing it from a computer.

As more people switch, the number of users on the new network will increase exponentially.

A similar event occurred in 2003 when My Space grew rapidly from groups of users leaving Friendster to join My Space (Boyd & Ellison, 2008).

These technologies create a platform for social networking where people are able to exchange information so that they can easily contact each other.

The first major event that had an effect on social networking was the invention of the Internet, which obsolesced telephones for the purpose of social networking.

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