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According to Google’s Terms of Service above, “You must post a Privacy Policy and that Privacy Policy must provide notice of Your use of cookies that are used to collect data.

You must disclose the use of Google Analytics, and how it collects and processes data.” Google also requires that your privacy practices comply with “all applicable laws,” which in most cases will include laws implemented by the United States, Canada, European Union, and Australia.

Mention that your site uses cookies and that third-party affiliates, like Google Analytics, will also implement cookies to collect information about user activity on your website.

The Australian Government includes both a brief description of cookies and Google Analytics: In addition, it is highly recommended to create a separate Cookies Policy that explains your use of cookies.

One thing you can do to limit your liability in this case is to incorporate a Cookies Clause into your Privacy Policy, as well as to create a separate Cookies Policy.

First and foremost, write a simple cookies clause for your Privacy Policy that briefly explains what a cookie is and why it is used.

To update an existing workers' compensation policy, complete the Notification of Policy Update (U-117).

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This chart lists a few of the cookies implemented by Google Analytics: Of course, Google Analytics offers far more information about consumers than their usage data, but we will get into that later.

After all, can you guarantee that not one person from those countries will ever use your website? Along with the minimum privacy requirements from Google, there are government regulatory agencies to consider as well.

Privacy Policies are required by law around the world if you collect personal data, which Google Analytics does.

These advertising features include: All of these features require the use of tracking cookies and, in turn, more changes to your Privacy Policy.

With the remarketing feature, Google Analytics developes remarketing lists to use with Google Adwords and other advertising platforms.

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