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For many years, GIF provided the web’s only transparency option – though PNG and SVG now offer this too.

Depending on your preference, you may refer to this format as either ‘JPEG’ or ‘JPG’ – both are accepted variations of the same acronym – Joint Photographic Experts Group.

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Today’s short guide will give you the quick rundown of the various file types and where they work best. Unless you just stepped out of a faintly smoking De Lorean straight from 1985, you’re very likely already familiar with the web’s goofiest image format – the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).Bob Rivers is the chair and chief executive officer of Eastern Bank, the largest and oldest mutual bank in the U. Rivers discusses why he’s placed social justice issues at the center of the bank’s mission.This content was produced by Boston Globe Media's BG Brand Lab in collaboration with the advertiser.Also note that, unlike the GIF and PNG, JPEG can not preserve transparency.A newer file format than GIF and JPEG, the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is like a marriage between both the GIF and JPEG format thanks to its two variants.

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