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A woman’s age, they never reveal it, but you can’t fool your subconscious unless you have magical delusion powers (Hint, some people might).Have you ever heard a woman say “I’ll be 29 forever?In fact, humans decided that adultery is so not okay that even the Bible dedicated two whole commandments to making unfaithful acts a sin.But let’s be honest, that was thousands of years ago before we had knowledge of psychology or science and google wasn’t even a twinkle in a developer’s eye yet.This 2017 article in the New York Times looks at the happiness possibilities with non-monogamous couples and the reasons why an extramarital affair becomes a serious possibility.Part of this mesmerizing world of married dating is the role that technology plays by making discreet hookups easier than ever with online affair sites. The answer can potentially and usually is ‘yes’ to all of the above.

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But first let’s take a step back by inserting the scratch record sound real quick. Marriage seems to often suppress a deep rooted need for self realization that a spouse cannot fulfill. ” There it is, according to Perel, the decision to cross that line of infidelity is a heavier psychological analysis that hits into the roots of an existential crisis.Yet, even people who report happy marriages still give in to the thrill of illicit marital affairs. Exactly what do married men want from affairs and better yet, do married women only want emotional affairs? In her Ted Talk she says “Death and mortality often live in the shadow of an affair, because they raise these questions. Add to this, the wife’s attention potentially being streamlined towards nurturing children and the sexual possibilities become few and far between.Men are undoubtedly visual creatures and dating sites for married adults present an intoxicating escape for even the most morally sound individual.If a married man’s social circle is made up of strip club hopping and hookup app recommendations then the odds are quite high that this is the lifestyle that dude will pursue.For men who simply have no community of male confidants, that independent voice might manifest that support system in the form of a new partner.

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