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Lily is finally released from house arrest and attends the fashion show with Rufus, despite the fact that her social life is in shambles.

After learning that Ivy stole some of Charlie's trust fund money for herself, Carol Rhodes tracks down Ivy to New York where Ivy threatens to reveal their scam, as well as implicate Serena and the entire Van Der Woodsen family, if Carol does not back away.

Ivy, still in character as Charlie, tries to avoid her real identity from an unsuspecting Serena but her plans affects her life in Los Angeles with her unsuspecting boyfriend Max.

Blair's plan does not go accordingly; since Beatrice overhears her tell Dan that she is pregnant, not bulimic. Worrying that her identity will be revealed, Ivy decides to start making her own choice by being a part of New York's social society as Charlie.

Also, Dan gets help from Louis in a desperate attempt to prevent his book from being published in a local magazine.

It is revealed in this episode that Dorota is pregnant and expecting her second child.

While working as a production assistant in Hollywood, Serena makes a mistake while trying to impress her new boss (Michael Michele).

Chuck and Nate arrive in Los Angeles to visit Serena where Nate gets involved with a shady older woman (Elizabeth Hurley) and Chuck has a meeting of minds with actress/stuntwoman Zoë Bell (playing herself) as he struggles to get over Blair.

Also, Nate finds Ivy's missing cell phone with her text messages from her boyfriend Max, but does not make the connection that Ivy and Charlie are one and the same.Si te gustó no olvides compartir la página de Danimados con tus amigos, para más estrenos de series online en HD.The fifth season of the American teen drama television series Gossip Girl premiered on The CW on September 26, 2011, and concluded on May 14, 2012, consisting of 24 episodes.The book talks about Blair and Dan having sex, and when Louis reads it he says he cannot trust Blair anymore.Blair is afraid she will have to raise the baby on her own if he leaves and finally tells Serena.

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