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But I have spoken to their friends about it, just to see if they can help." Avison says he does not remember learning anything in high school about healthy vs.

unhealthy relationships and thinks it "would be excellent" if that information could be available to more high school students.

Call and speak to one of our advocates today at 1-800-440-4633.

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Her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Pratte-Lops, has been charged with first-degree murder.

She says they were a couple at the same high school and he had a long list of rules.

"Not wearing shorts not wearing leggings because it would show a lot of my body ...

She also helps them create a safety plan including steps they can take if a violent partner or ex-partner approaches.

Barrett also directs students towards services available to people -— women, men in hetero and same-sex relationships — experiencing intimate partner violence.

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