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If there was a group of males that was feared even by alphas, they would simply be the group that got to chose the females.They would be the new alphas, and the former alphas would be the betas. James Bovard: You may have seen him on a prayer candle, but James Comey is no saint.“New revelations have made clear the conclusion many of us had already come to: James Comey was a reckless and untrustworthy FBI director.” He’s a narcissist and a crook.It describes the dynamics of the group that our ancestors lived in.

The front-runners always get attention because they’re the front-runners.

Another is staking out an imagined noble duty to a contrived higher authority — one that looks strikingly similar to the image he sees in the mirror each morning.

But here in the real world, this is what the IG’s investigation has confirmed: James Comey, as FBI director, created and maintained a separate record system that he kept in a desk drawer.

And I have a very simple explanation for this, you just have to ask yourself the question: Does this concept make sense based on evolutionary and historical arguements?

Because that's what group theory is founded on.

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