Visual studio 2016 validating xml schema

I plan to release my extension to the marketplace in the coming week or so. So if you just want to try it, you can download it then from vscode marketplace. The error output is not that good, but - as I said - better then nothing. Ah, wish I'd seen this issue sooner; I built a managed language server for MSBuild intellisense which could be customised to provide generic XML intellisense: See the Language Server. If you happen to be concerned about performance, rest assured that this has been one of our main priorities. @Colizobble Java version 8 actually installs fairly quickly.

We think that supporting the complete XML schema specification outweighs the Java installation inconvenience.

Adding support for XSL and XSD is something we have certainly thought about for future versions.

Once support is in place, you wouldn't need to create XSL/XSD file associations and things like the schema for schema would be built in within the extension.

I still think the ad-hoc association of the open file with a schema would be useful, even if it is just a front-end to your xml Associations settings (e.g.

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I had been looking at venturing to build this, something that crossed REST client to api.nuget and used XML schema to create a very smooth yeoman-like experience, but with intellisense on available attributes and applicable versions of a package.I would like to exclude the xml linting part to either the xml tools extension (who I did not contact so far, but will do now) or a standalone extension, but for that it should have a minimum standard. This extension, on the other hand, can handle any schema you throw at it, including complex structures like nested imports and includes.Here is my repo with the language server: Typescript Tools Follow the tutorial on the custom language server to get it started for now. Make sure to add it to the internal storage by using the command for now. What will work for sure is the check for valid xml synthax, as it is checked by parsing the file so far. In addition to this, the extension also supports the XML OASIS XML Catalog specification.I have so far a (very) simple autocompletion for elements and attributes and a simple validation via parser by xml2js and xmlchecker using xml schemas from a storage. I would like to extend xmlcheck, as it does seem to incorrectly validate xml when the namespace is used in the same tag as it is defined: = Error but I don't know much about peg/syntax.Furthermore, I just tested it to fulfill my needs on the ui5 xml xsd's, which may or may not cover the whole bandwidth of xsd definitions. I don't particularly need generic XML intellisense myself, but I'm happy to collaborate in building it if anyone else is interested :) This issue has been closed because it is not within the scope of the core product, but could be addressed by an extension. @errorx666 This extension leverages the Language Server Protocol (

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