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But the multi-billion industry of online dating is allowed to run wild, while corrupting hearts of millions of lonely guys worldwide, who believe the women they are talking to are genuine.

Dating scams with fake communication, fabricated profiles, chat bots break every business and consumer protection regulation.

They obtain their billion-dollar earnings by perpetrating systematic fraud against vulnerable single people who simply don’t know better.

It’s time for the dating industry to have regulations, just like other businesses do.

His opinion: “The only way to compete with fraud is you let people know it’s fraud.” AFF believes a number of their competitors are using bots. The people running these scams are professionals, they do this for a living,” Baker insists.

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One of former employees sued the company for million citing injury earned while creating thousands of the site’s sex bots: Fake profiles designed to initiate communication.So no, you probably wouldn’t know if you were talking to a chat bot instead of a human. tools are already impacting the way people live and how companies interact with their customers in just about every industry.My suggestion on the new rules for dating sites: Lawyers have to display their credentials in the offices and get a license.Real estate agents have to spell out the size of commissions they receive on sale and get a license.

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