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The NWIWB is a board of business, education, labor, community, faith-based and economic development leaders responsible for the strategic vision of workforce development and governance of Work One in Northwest Indiana.They are also responsible for managing connections to key resources in the workforce and education arena as well as supporting efforts on programming that plant and nurture the seed of entrepreneur-ship.A good way to see the hills, and other neighborhoods, is through The Day Tour, a portal for several foreign and local tour guides.

This was also the site of Chile’s first astronomical observatory.

While the most prominent landmarks are mentioned here, there is much more to see, as the city’s typical constructions, with (corrugated iron) siding and unexpected architectural flourishes, seemingly occupy every square inch of declivitous lots that would be considered unbuildable almost anywhere else.

There’s a surprise around every corner, but the most famous feature is poet Pablo Neruda’s La Sebastiana home on Cerro Bellavista.

Calle Urriola marks the border between Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción.

Dating from 1883, the city’s first funicular, Ascensor Concepción is also one of the most popular, climbing 69 meters at a 45-degree gradient from an inconspicuous entrance at the upper end of Carreño, just off Prat, to Paseo Gervasoni, home to a popular hillside restaurant and the starting point for walking tours of Concepción and Cerro Alegre.

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