Validating rail tickets in europe

Also, an American "7" looks like a "1" to Europeans.Make sure you put a "crossbar" through the seven, or the conductor might claim it is a 1, and that you already used that date of travel. Regarding validating point to point tickets, it depends upon the country.Some night trains also offer deluxe compartments with a private toilet and shower.Sleeping compartments are gender specific, except when couples or families occupy all of the beds.Residents of United Kingdom are not eligible to purchase Brit Rail Passes or Eurail Passes. Seat reservations are optional on some of the trains however they are mandatory for traveling on high speed trains (TGV, Thalys, AVE, Eurostar, Le Frecce), international trains (Lyria, Talgo), night trains (Thello, City Night Line) and scenic trains (Glacier Express, Golden Pass, Bernina Express, William Tell Express, Chocolate Train).The ICE requires reservations on all Sprinter train.

I would like to know if I need to have my tickets validated? This puts a date on the pass indicating the start of the period of validity. Each day you use the pass, before you get on the train, fill in the date for that day.

Conductors do not come by to clip your ticket, but an inspector may check to see if you have validated it (and will fine you if you haven't).

Remember the Europeans use the day/month/year format.

Couchettes are not gender specific; they consist of four bunk beds in first class and six in second class.

A blanket and pillow is provided, but you sleep in your day clothes.

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