Validating numeric textbox in vb net

When it is not valid, I don't receive the msg Box and the program crashes with an error message that number has to be less than infinity. Key Press Event Args) handles my Text Press Dim text Box As Text Box = Direct Cast(sender, Text Box) If Not (Char.

I tried adding another If Not Is Numeric(txt1.text) then -- But received the same results. Private Sub validate Decimal Text Box(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

You'll quickly stumble across the fact that different countries use different currencies and different decimal separators. You shouldn't assume a fixed currency or a fixed way to format your numbers. When i double click on solution file; it says "It is not a valid visual studio solution file" and when i double click on .vbproject file it is also showing an error.

A Text Box control is used to display, or accept as input, a single line of text.

I am trying to validate wether a number is a decimal in Visual Basic. Therefore you can use the solutions that others have mentioned and use any of the following in a sensible way.

The results I get when the number is valid the msg Box shows. Private Sub txt Value_Key Press(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

3) I am aware of this and will add validation on other events later 4) Decimal i'm not sure how you mean, but currency, i agrre, i am going to add a currency symbol property to the textbox then use that as a variable for what the textbox will allow in currency mode.

4) I think a good starting point for reading are the Google results for "Globalization" and "Localization". Thanks Regards Girish You won't be able to work with this solution because no-one nowadays posts articles with solutions based on . Either try searching for a file converter or create your own project and just import the relevant source files.

On a slight tangent, according to the top answer to the question checking for numeric value entered in text box in visual basic, there is also the method . This routine ensures it is always numeric and so there is no longer a need to check. Text) End Sub Keep in mind that you still need to check if the textbox contains a value in case they delete the contents of the do this, it checks if the string is numeric, if it is, then the num variable takes its value (so it can be checked).If this value is greater than 0 then it says it's not valid.

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