Usps not updating tracking info

This is why First-Class Mail over long distances frequently is a 2-day service while First-Class Mail cross-state can be more.About 6 mo ago an Etsy seller accidentally had my shipping label on the back of another shipping label, and I got their bath product item (we ordered back to back when I looked at the invoices).

If it's first class and it wasn't going more than 500 miles, or if it was priority or express then you should be worried and you should be contacting USPS about tracking on it and finding its last known whereabouts.

They initially contacted that other customer regarding the lack of shipping updates, and said they hoped it didn't get stolen or broken in the mail, and were relieved when I contacted them about the surprise item.

I offered to send it forward but they said I could keep it.

I would not worry that these packages are lost and I am sure they will show up. It's a time-consuming, painstaking process that's truly aggravating. I was told by USPS that they don't scan every package anymore.

I went to my PO on Friday to drop some packages off and they could not scan anything as their system was down. I finally took a screen shot of the USPS tracking from a couple of packages that went from 'pre-shipment' to 'delivered' with no info in between to show my customers who are worried that it's happening on a regular basis, in hopes of reassuring them that their package is really on the way.

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